Serverless GPU transcription with Modal

I quickly want to share how easy it is to set up a serverless GPU function with Modal.

Background: my girlfriend had recorded 3 hours of audio during an interview and I decided to help her out with some automatic audio transcription.

Things that I like about this setup:

  • simple python script
  • I can send my gf just a link to the service where she can upload her audio files and get back text
  • since it's serverless, I don't have to worry about paying for idle time
  • I can get around 30s limitations of free online services
  • Modal gives you $30 free credits per month to play around with


import os
import modal
from fastapi import HTTPException
from fastapi import UploadFile, File
from pydantic import BaseModel

stub and cache creation

stub = modal.Stub("whisper")
stub.image = (
CACHE_PATH = "/root/cache"
cache_volume = modal.SharedVolume().persist("whisper-cache")

pipeline and inference logic

    gpu="T4", # a 16 GB GPU will suffice
    shared_volumes={CACHE_PATH: cache_volume}, # here we reference our cache volume
    container_idle_timeout=120, # time to keep alive the container in between requests
    concurrency_limit=1, # how many gpus may be provisioned at the same time
    keep_warm=0, # how many containers to keep alive at all times
class WhisperPipeline:
    def __enter__(self): # for container lifecycle mgmt
        os.environ['TRANSFORMERS_CACHE'] = CACHE_PATH
        # these imports will use the stub's image
        import torch
        from transformers import pipeline
        device = "cuda:0" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu"
        # by specifying chunk_length_s, we can throw in audio files
        # of any length that fit in the GPU
        self.pipe = pipeline(
    def transcribe(self, file: bytes) -> str:
        return self.pipe(file)["text"]

web endpoint

class TranscribeResponse(BaseModel):
    prediction: str
async def entrypoint(file: UploadFile = File(...)):
        whisper_pipe = WhisperPipeline()
        prediction =
    except Exception as e:
        raise HTTPException(status_code=500, detail=str(e))
    return TranscribeResponse(prediction=prediction)

You can either serve this temporarily with $ modal serve or deploy it to the cloud with $ modal deploy Finally, go to the deployment url and add /docs to see the swagger API and try it out!

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